Our Team 


Carol Ruhf - Manager

Carol has been a vital part of our team for almost 9 years now. We like to call her the real "boss" around the office. She enjoys meeting knew people and getting to know our customers. She keeps our boat afloat and our office in tip top shape. Without her, we just don't know what we would do. 

David DeGraaf - Superhero 

David helps us with just about anything. From cleaning units, to assisting customers on call, David keeps our sites clean and safe for you are your belongings at all times. Say "Hello" if you see him around. He enjoys chit chat about food, medicine, gardening, athletics, and pretty much anything else. 

Jordan DeGraaf - General Manager

Jordan is one of the newest members of the crew. He and his wife recently moved to the Grand Rapids areas from Denver. Jordan's job is to ensure that every one of our customers has a fantastic experience storing with us. He's usually always around, but if you don't find him in the office he is quick to respond. He regularly enjoys freezing like a popsicle in Lake Michigan trying to catch waves. 


Roger DeGraaf - Owner   

Roger has been around since the beginning. He's a cheerful guy full of energy, wisdom and conversation. His two hands helped build and expand our first site. Sadly, he's not in the office everyday, but it's always a pleasant surprise when he does pop in. On his down time, he enjoys bird watching and spending time with his big family. 


Mike DeGraaf - Owner  

Mike is the visionary behind Rockford Self Storage. His "go-getter" mentality and his determination to see a plan come together is how the storage has continued to grow over the years to serve more and more of the Rockford community. When he's not hard at work, he's usually running to warmer weather to go scuba diving or boating with good friends.